Team Ministry

Team Ministries Posted on September 26, 2009December 27, 2009 by belsnet In Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni provides a field guide for leaders and managers to develop teams that accomplish the goals it sets out to achieve. He suggests that in order for teams to be successful, facilitators or team leaders […]


Imaginings: Can you imagine coming upon a beautiful garden filled with all kinds of tantalizing fruits, vegetables, and other life giving elements and everything is breathtaking and everything inside is free? Sounds perfect, right? But wait a moment all around that garden is a fence with huge “keep out” signs. Your mouth waters as you […]

About Me

About Me: Born in the mid 1930’s I have lived at twelve different locations in four different states. Because we moved so many times my youngest of four children informed me, she has no roots. Perhaps all the moving is part of the reason my eldest has distanced himself from me or it could be […]