Unwanted Socialism

Recently as I cleaned out some of my old files from several years ago, I came across this article. I don’t remember who wrote it nor do I remember where I first saw it. It is, however currently relevant. Several politicians and others are so fearful of the term “socialist.” I just want to remind everyone the significance of the social programs already in place in our present capitalistic society and most of them have been beneficial for a long time.

This is for those who wish to “take back our country”.It seems, for those who cry the loudest for government to get out of their lives actually use the socialist programs the most.

Free lunch at school, free educational facilities, free emergency room visits, wildlife preserves, State and National Parks, Interstate Highway System, county, state, and national highways, WIC programs for children, Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, Fire and police protection, all armed forces branches, welfare system….on and on the list can go.

My question is; Which of these do you want to remove from the socialist programs? Is one of these more important the any other one? Can we do away with education? Can we drive from Chicago to Corpus Christi without a highway system?

Can we let our sick go unattended if they are unable to pay? Are you strong enough to protect yourself and your family from invaders from other countries or even from your own neighbors at times? How can one person or family do more to preserve the human race than a group or a community or a country can, by working together?

Can any real logical, intelligent mind actually believe America would be better off with no government? I think not.

Sure enough there are many inequities in the way government implements ideas and programs. More often than not a better and more efficient way is available. We are human beings and we are programmed to think mostly of our own self-preservation. That often includes but not limits us to use the resources for our own personal gain while at the same time trying our best to disguise it as a benevolent action. Government officials want you to believe the latest law passed was for the good of the people. Of course it was good for a few, but overall that law was passed in order to secure a more favorable posture for the party or individual.

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