The Hoax That Wasn’t

Back in 2016 the greatest con ever witnessed in the U.S.A was accomplished. A great business man was elected to the office of the president, not with popular vote.
 His greatness included one failed business after another. Those include a university, airlines, vodka, magazine, steaks, casinos and baseball to name a few.

 Also included were dozens of lawsuits against people who he insisted had wronged him.
An analysis by USA Today published in June 2016 found that over the previous three decades, this man and his businesses have been involved in 3,500 legal cases in U.S. federal courts and state court, an unprecedented number for a U.S. presidential candidate.

Don’t forget his list of business achievements included five or six bankruptcies owned by his companies.

Not only was he a great unsuccessful business man, he was also the greatest purveyor of false information, ever to run and be elected president. This continues to this day.
He has a long list of achievements includes the most destructive president ever, of federal laws and the constitution.

He has many titles like, immoral, sleazy, liar, narcissistic, self-centered, deranged, ignorant, dumb, revengeful, and so many I cannot list them all.

This completely incompetent president was placed in office with the help of a host of Christian evangelicals and the Republican Party’s gerrymandering of the district voting boundaries. He continues in office with the full support of the right wing political party. 

He cannot tell the truth about anything. He will and has blamed anyone and everyone for his own mistakes and his lack of knowledge.  He has withstood the hoax of the Mueller Report, and the hoax of the Ukrainian qu pro quo. In his own words he knows more about everything than anyone else in the government.

Regardless of all the above characteristics, all the false statements, all the broken laws, and his lack of character or morals he is still in office, why. Some say God placed him in office to wake up America. Some say God has already given America over to be destroyed and this man is the agent in charge. Some say it was to show the citizens how far we have fallen from morality. Who really knows? At any rate here we are facing something for which we are not prepared. The COVID19.

This is a new hoax, a huge one at that. It is the likes of which we have never seen before. It seems all the world has come together to form a giant hoax to oust this evil man from the office of the president. At least that is what we are hearing from the likes of Fox and Friends, the religious evangelicals, and several more right wing institutions.

According to the two most prominent presidential advisors at Fox and Friends, Dumbaugh and Trumannity, this hoax is just another of the Democrats and liberal news efforts to remove this president from office.
In my mind’s eye, I can see how this is happening. I can visualize the Democratic Party putting together a merger of enormous proportions to get this accomplished.

This group includes so many high profile establishments it is almost unbelievable. China was the first on the list. Later on it was the nation of Italy. Then it was he cruise ship companies pressured into installing the virus during their voyages. Later it was the nursing homes bringing the sickness to their facilities as they got on board. Very quickly several celebrations were included. The South by Southwest in Austin, TX allowed the hoax to close their celebration. Following suit, the Houston Rodeo fell in line for the Dems, and then the educational systems across the country got into the act as, they closed their schools. Sports, like baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer and many others gave in to the Democratic hoax pressure. Country music is supporting it. The TV show productions have also acknowledged their support of this great hoax as they too closed down production. Wall Street is participating by losing money on a daily basis. Even everyday workers are staying home to support it.

If you think I am writing this as a tongue-in-cheek article, you are right. This president is a joke. The Republican supporters are a joke. The Christian Evangelicals supporters are a joke. Dumbaugh and Trumannity are a joke. Fox and Friends are a joke. Anyone who believes this sickness (COVID19), is a hoax is less informed than they care to believe and the joke is on them. Go ahead and lick the floors of your church as some have proclaimed in an article I read this morning.  “One pastor said half of his church is ready to lick the …

The whole world is infected and our administration keeps telling us everything is under control. In the meanwhile our grocery shelves are empty, hospitals are filling up, the testing procedures are in shambles and the American public is confused. Remember this has all taken effect in order to discredit the already most un-credible person ever to serve our county as president.

The greatest hoax of all though is, when this corrupt con man was installed as our 45th president.

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