But I Say Unto You……..

Do you know how many times Jesus spoke that phrase to those who were following Him?
Neither did I, until I did some research. I don’t have an exact count; however it was stated clearly or implied in more than a dozen instances throughout the four gospels. My mind can readily identify with that thought. I have over the years listened to countless sermons, Sunday school lessons, conference teachings, tapes and CDs. Mostly dealing with issues that happen in everyday living. They sounded so spiritual at the time, but come the next morning or next week when an issue would arise in my life, I found myself alone and guilty, because I could not put into practice what I heard from the speakers. Many of the sermons were empty when it came to employing them in my daily living.

What should do?
I began to go to the scriptures for the answer to my dilemma. I would ponder on them and think how they applied to me and my situation. My answers began to come from the Spirit, rather from the “man.”  I found the Spirit of God gave me answers to my questions in plain and simple forms. Sometimes just a simple thought running through my mind. Sometimes a scripture would come at the exact time it was needed. Sometimes it would be a word from a person who had no idea I needed to hear it at that time. I was amazed how simple, yet effective the answers came. I am learning to live by the Spirit of God not the teachings of man.

Today I hear many, “You have heard it said, but I say unto you…...” and I have given up the thought I must believe the preacher, teacher etc. whom I have believed to be so much more spiritual than I. It has taken a long time, but I now realize, the only one who can really and definitely know my spiritual need, is the one who created me. No preacher could begin to know my need at any given time.

At first this “But I say unto you….”from the Master was a bit unsettling, but as time goes on I find the Spirit of the Lord is a far greater teacher than those who study at a seminary or school that teaches one doctrine only. God the Father and the Son Jesus is far deeper than any one teaching institution can even begin to explore. Institutions are limited, God is not! I have learned to rely on Him to solve issues I have in living out my daily life.

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