When is Sacrificing Not a Sacrifice

I am an American. I have no desire to live in any other country. Until now, I have always accepted the elected president and respected the office.

Today it is different. I have lost all respect for my president. I believe he is making a mockery of the office. I keep hearing from the religious right as well as his followers, that I must support the president and his actions because it is my civic duty.

First, of all it is so difficult to support actions or directions that keep changing from day to day if not hour by hour. There seems not to be a real and concentrated goal to accomplish. The MAGA slogan is enticing but again, there is not a stable platform on which to stand. Seems like the platform keeps swaying in the breeze depending which way the wind blows. Gust of wind seem to come from Fox and Friends or the false messengers claiming to be of God.

Secondly, the many negative voices of yesterday, (2012-2016) are now positive ones or ones that are conveniently overlooked. Like the many golf trips the former president took.  Then it was deplorable for a president to golf that much. Now it is good for the president to get away from the harsh grind of president-ing. There is a multitude of these sorts, then condemnations–now perfectly acceptable.

Thirdly, he president boasts of serving and not taking a salary. Wonderful!!! Does anyone really believe he is not benefitting financially from his position? We all know the office brings with it several perks financially. What seems to escape the supporter’s eye is, the fact this president has been for the last three years and continues, using the most expensive mode of transportation available, Air Force One. His “$200,000 per hour,” weekly trips to rally his base are his way to interact with the people. Others would call them campaign rallies. Every one of the campaign rallies are at the expense of the American taxpayer. This is a horrible example of entitlement. This does not allow a level playing field. All the other candidates must use their own money, as they campaign. This president gets to use tax payer’s unlimited funds for his personal use.

Please do not tell me how much this con-man has sacrificed in order to serve the people. His measly $400.00 plus salary is easily traded for the many million dollar rally trips. I would like that advantage. That doesn’t include the tab for the many dignitaries who stay at his luxury hotels and county clubs billed to our government that his businesses enjoy.

Sacrifice?? Give me a break.

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