Evangelicals Foxy Love Affair

The love affair between Evangelicals and Fox Cable Network is amazing. What is the connection? Is it the Fox dominance over all the other cable news? Is it that Fox News does an adequate job covering the news? Is it because their opinion people are so truthful and loving of others? Is it because their TV sets only broadcasts Fox and Friends? Making stops while traveling through the so-called Bible belt, I have noticed every TV, if it is on is tuned to Fox and Friends.
Could it be evangelicals have accepted the false claims from their pastors and other faith leaders, for such a long period of time, they no longer know the difference between claims and reality? Like claims they are spreading the Gospel of Christ over the world, when reality says, they don’t even extend it inside their own walls. Like physical healing is theirs for the asking–just believe, yet sickness abounds across the globe and continues to get worse. Like God wants you to be rich, yet poverty is at an all-time high is many areas. Like we are drilling wells in Africa—send money.

Could it be because the Fox commentators’ opinions, even though outlandish are what religious individuals want to hear—whether true or false?

So what is the connection? I cannot say, I can only surmise and that would be an opinion. Perhaps it is because so many are disappointed and tired of the same old political backbiting, slander, deceit, and separation. It could be the religious right has felt left out so long they are now willing to hear nonsensical rhetoric. Fox commentators rail against those whom the right blame for their own predicament. Evangelicals’ feelings need to be heard and the Fox pundits are hearing those feelings and putting them into words. Evangelicals, hearing others proclaim what they themselves presume to be true, makes them open for more and more of the same. It becomes a kind of addiction, never satisfied, more and more is needed.
It registers profoundly, especially when it is repeated over and over. This is the same phenomenon that elected president DJT. If this be true, I hope it is not, then America is in a sad state. God help us all!!

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