Look and Listen

I watched/listened to the launching the new “Evangelicals for Trump” on Fox News. It was difficult to distinguish which was the most fraudulent, the president or the people who offered prayers. It seemed to me each took turns licking the filth off each other’s boots. The so-called prayer leaders cleaned up the president’s lifestyle of depravity. They asserted his plans come directly from God. It appeared they were saying God needs a depraved individual to clean up a depraved nation. They are in effect saying, “dissolve hate with more hate, unite the nation with more divisiveness, use fake news to get rid of fake news, remove deception using more deception, move from un-godliness by practicing more un-godliness and all the other deceptive practices this president and this religious group use to deceive the people and keep a despot in power.”

The president followed their accolades of him with a huge amount of praise for their dedication and actions in helping him become president and his need for their efforts to keep him another four years–or eight or twelve or thirteen–just joking. Only I don’t believe he was joking. He looked very pleased with the cheers he received from that statement. Perhaps if he could count higher the number would have been more.
Of course the president took over an hour making claims of his great faith and the many amazing things he has accomplished for them and for the country. The crowd ate up every false statement he made. Like the one, “no president in the history of this country has done more for the evangelicals than I.”

The use of God’s name is not a new phenome, it has been in place for centuries. It is just the most blatant I have ever witnessed.

“he who has eyes, let him see—he who has ears let him hear.”

When and where does all this end?

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