The Road to Dictatorship

The road to dictatorship

History has a very clear line that connects every dictatorship’s beginnings.

First there is a group of people who feel left out, who are fed up with the status quoi, who are always on the short receiving end, yet feel they are paying for all the others who do receive. The only thing necessary is to  share with them what they feel. Tap into their feelings with promises of providing what they want. It don’t have to be real but if something gives them a hope they have not experiences in their lifetime and they will buy into it lock stock and barrel. Our present situation is just such a belief.

Second thing is to discredit the media. The media has a strong impact on any group of people. If the group can be persuaded media is their enemy, then anything reported by them is believed to be against the group and becomes personal to each member of the group. This in fact renders truth powerless. At the same time a dictator must have a personal media to proclaim and re-enforce false claims and ideas.

Third it is necessary to be able to discredit any and all who oppose the dictator. A personal media is a great tool in the hand of an unscrupulous wanna-be dictator for this action. A few well placed words, whether true or false, is all that is needed to remove someone from a favorable position into an unfavorable one.

Fourth necessity is to discredit the justice system. If the would-be dictator can claim unjust actions toward him from justice system, the courts and judges his power becomes stronger and stronger. The longer a despot is in power the more opportunity he has to appoint judges that support his ideals.

Then of course the would-be-ruler must have the military at his disposal. When problems arise that cannot be handled by law and or by negotiation the army is sent in or out which ever is appropriate for the situation.

Put all these together and you have a very powerful dictator who will get what he wants regardless of the cost of life or limb.

America is ripe for a dictator and there is one waiting in the wings until the proper time. That time is not far off and poor mis-informed people are in the cross hairs of the present administrations ambition. Voter beware. Read between the lines of the POTUS verbiage during the coming year and beyond.


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