The earth is groaning under the weight of the self-indulgence of its inhabitants

What nation has ever stood the test of time when they openly defy the laws God? By willingly challenging and or disobeying God’s laws America is taking its life and lands on a path to destruction. Never in the history of America have we experienced so much depravity as we are witnessing these days. In every walk of life, the government, the churches, the financial systems, and educational systems, seemingly citizens of America are content to allow any and all kinds of immorality to take place in plain view. Where is the outcry? Where is the “enough is enough” stand? God must surely be calling us to repentance before He decides to destroy the America as we know it. Even if one does not believe the Bible and its cause and effect idea of sowing and reaping, only a complete idiot would deny history. Nation after nation has fallen as they became completely anti-Christ. Either natural disasters or out and out rot from within; nations fall when they forget their Creator and openly challenge His laws. America is being ravished by earth quakes, floods, wind, fire and drought. Is this His call for our repentance?

The earth is groaning under the weight of the self-indulgence of its inhabitants.

I would suspect the Creator of the Universe is in awe of the many ways His creation discovers to disobey Him. It seems those who trust, obey and worship in spirit and truth are becoming less and less in numbers. Even the most faithful are being affected by the worldly way of godlessness.

He does call us to remember who we are—who He is?  His reminders of who He is can be down-right annoying at times. Yet every time He sends us a clue of His great power through what we call NATURE we do take time to remember who controls nature. We also return to living out the commandment—love your neighbor. We find so many ways to help out those in need. But alas all too soon we return to the selfish self-centered way of life again until the next reminder comes. Lives are lost, goods are destroyed and earth is damaged in some minute way. Yet His mercy, patience and love continue even as we make choices contrary to His wishes.


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