Independence Day 2019

Traditionally this date has been a day to celebrate national pride and the heritage of our nation’s beginnings. We normally think in terms of “hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet” as the American way. It is also a time when all citizens are united in the celebration. We use fireworks, ice cream, bar-b-que, pool parties and so much more to rejoice in the fact we live in a country free of dictatorships. It has always been a time for everyone to rally around the flag representing freedom and unity. This year it seems as though it is a time for more division among us with a stronger and wider scope than ever before, at least in my lifetime. I cannot ever remember a time when so much rancor lives amongst us.

Why is this year so different? Have we reached the bottomless pit of divisiveness with no hope of return? Is anything available to us that would unite us into the proud, strong, nation that stands out among the rest of the world?

I certainly do not have the answers. But I do believe most citizens think America is a Christian nation and claim it to be under God’s rule. To some that is so hypocritical to others it is ridiculous and somewhere in between is the truth. The truth is hard to come by today. However there is one never changing eternal truth—a nation divided cannot stand. The deeper the division the more vulnerable we become. A show of military force in Washington will not change that truth; neither will opposition to it.

History proves to us division will bring down nations; it will bring down institutions, churches, families, organizations, communities, friendships, any and everything it touches is destroyed. So I say to our government; get you act together on this wonderful holiday. Give the American citizens something to believe in. The American way is not for just a few, it is for all. Give us something that will unite us that is not military, not a war. Surely you educated, wise, and serving people can get your life together enough to see the damage being inflicted on the people, and therefore our nation. If you cannot, we are doomed.


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