A Small Amount of Help…Please!!

I am reading an article about congress and the budget due by September this year.
What I read is very disturbing because they are so very concerned about the need for the military and homeland security and much less about the citizens and the needs of our country as a whole.
The point I am trying to make is, health care should be a higher priority for our citizens than military assistance for foreign nations who use and abuse our system for their support with very little self-support from their own government. Aren’t American citizens more important than foreign governments?

What do they think will happen when the people get so fed up with the military getting most of the money and the rest of the country dividing up the left overs? The day will come when rebellion will beset the establishment. Yet we are better than that. Americans should be able to trust leaders to see to it we are cared for at least as much as they care for the rest of the world. At this point in time we cannot.
Health care alone is so expensive most citizens cannot afford the services necessary to have a long and healthful life. Just do not be diagnosed with a serious illness that requires an extended stay in a hospital or need corrective surgery for some minor ailment and never require a major procedure. You can’t afford it. Something must be done in dividing up the resources we have available to us. Like stop arguing who is right or left and work together for the good of all people, not just a few.

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