Who should I vote for?

August 18, 2019
Election Day is a long way off. However the question is already being asked; who should you vote for? The most popular answer is; anyone who can defeat Trump. For many that would be sufficient, however our country should be more about people and less about politics. Trump will be a winner even if he loses, if defeating him is the only reason to vote against him. Trump is president today because of that short term thinking. If you are satisfied with his agenda and methods, by all means vote for him. If you are not pleased with his actions, then vote for a better candidate.
Trump could defeat himself if left alone to continue his disruption of the American way. To vote for him in order to keep the other side from gaining power is not the American way, or at least it was never designed to operate in that way. To vote for anyone just for the simple reason they could defeat Trump is not the American way either and could possibly lead to a greater disaster than we have in place at the present time.
435 legislators are far more powerful than any president. They are charged to pass laws and keep the president under control. When they fail to do their duty, a president can run wild. Many laws that are needed to protect citizens are tabled and left undone. Our greatest need at this time on Capitol Hill is finding and electing people who will fulfill their duty as legislatures regardless of political affiliation. At this present time this is not apparent.
Regardless of who is president, with these present legislators, little if any worthwhile projects will ever get completed unless it benefits them, (like a raise in salary). We need a congress that will fulfill their elected obligation to work for the people, not the party. We need a congress that will look and act beyond the “now” and see the larger picture.
Aren’t we as citizens of the greatest country in the world obligated to pressure our leaders to do better? Aren’t we obligated to demand honesty and integrity from our congress? Aren’t we obligated to demand the same for ourselves as we demand from our leaders? Our great country has thrived this long because citizens demanded more. Are we too lazy to make a phone call or mail demanding more?
Please think long and hard before the next election. It is not nearly important about who becomes president as it who will lead our nation. Will we allow another term of do-nothing congressman collect their salary without earning it? We have too much at stake to sit idly by while a few self-promoting people lead us down the same path of destruction that so many other powerful nations have succumbed to. Greed and corruption has always led to destruction. It always will. Please think!

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