Serving God or Institution

I have a long-time friend who serves a religious institution faithfully. He is a pastor’s dream. My friend spends 4-6 days or evenings each week in faithful service to the church he attends. When I asked why he would spend so much time away from his family, his children and grandchildren, without even thinking, he stated. “I am serving God.”


I didn’t want to embarrass him so I never voiced the questions that immediately came to my mind. Is this why your daughter defied the teachings of the church? Or does your continual absence from the home have anything to do with the adverse attitude I gleaned from your spouse as I visited with you in your home?
The wife was telling how Sam, (not real name) either is at work or at church. He is seldom home to care for the emotional needs of her or his children and now his grandchildren. It has been ongoing for many years. For her this is not what God expects from His servants. I can’t say I disagree with her. For him he fully believes he is serving God to his utmost ability. At one time I was just like that. My wife and children were left to themselves, in a sense, while I was away from them doing the Lord’s work. For a greater portion of my life, that was who I was.


This thing about the obligation of attending church, using all your God given resources for its distribution, is one of the greatest lying truths being promoted across religious boundaries. Being a part of a congregation is wonderful; it affords so many positive results and I would not advise against it. This is a truth. But the lie comes in when this truth is used to manipulate you into giving your “everything” to the faction.
There must be a balance between serving God and any organization. True, God wants us to promote the advancement of His Kingdom. Lie is; the only place or way it can be accomplished is to give your all to some assembly who happens to own a building.
So many other opportunities are out there for the “giving-to” and many of them have a greater impact on the Kingdom of God than do self-centered churches that require so much and do so little good.

Many churches in your community could close their doors; but who would notice except those who are obligated by guilt and manipulation to remain faithful to an assembly.
Perhaps even the one you are attending today.

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