Can you imagine coming upon a beautiful garden filled with all kinds of tantalizing fruits, vegetables, and other life giving elements and everything is breathtaking and everything inside is free? Sounds perfect, right? But wait a moment all around that garden is a fence with huge “keep out” signs. Your mouth waters as you go around the edges and gather the few items of tasteful nourishment that penetrates the secure walls of the fence. You are disappointed because the whole garden is not accessible to you? You long to enter and eat to your heart’s content but alas it is impossible. This is a very disappointing adventure.

This is what religion does with God’s wonderful garden of Grace. The leaders tell us about these beautiful characteristics of God then fences off the comprehensive and attractive relationship with Him. This is actually a real connection that is entirely free and obtainable with Him on a personal level. However in religion we only get a taste of what is available through the secure fence of religious leadership. Even though hey may whet our appetite we are never quite able to penetrate the fence of religion because it has been in place so long we cannot even fathom it any other way. So we stand on the outside of the religious wall and long for the day when our relationship can be real and we can get a taste of the entire garden of God’s grace. God has placed it there for our taking anytime we need or desire it. But religion tells us we must jump through some hoops or wait until the next life in order for such an experience and then only if we are good little boys and girls. Good little boys and girls meaning we must be obedient to some particular doctrine and attain some supernatural status designed by the religious hierarchy.

The Spirit says come now, just as you are, come enjoy my table set before you, no charge, no initiation fee, no monthly dues, nothing you have can pay for my Grace. It is completely free.

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