About Me

About Me:
Born in the mid 1930’s I have lived at twelve different locations in four different states. Because we moved so many times my youngest of four children informed me, she has no roots. Perhaps all the moving is part of the reason my eldest has distanced himself from me or it could be I traded his Duster in on a truck I needed for work. Anyway at the present time I have one son living in a close relationship with me. Two daughters have passed on and an eldest son is estranged from me.


Raised up in the Southern Baptist religion I have since become familiar with several different denominations and non-denominations. I have found them all to be only shadows of the genuine Kingdom of God even though most of them make claims of Christ-led systems. I can openly and honestly say without fear or guilt today I am no longer a member of any organized religion. At the same time I can say with same vigorous tone I am a free man. Free to worship any time, any place or any way in which I am led by the Holy Spirit. Thankfully I no longer find it necessary to go before a man or woman (God’s) to ask what I should do in any given situation. I know what to do, because I know God. I don’t always succeed but my overall aspiration is to do what He wants of me in any situation at any moment in time. This, my friend has taken a long amount of time and many, many hours of reading and meditation. It was/is worth it. Freedom in Christ is worth it all.


Myself, five sisters and two brothers were raised in a split political environment. Mom was a conservative, dad a liberal. Personally I never looked at the political side of life at all until JFK ran for office. I voted for the first time that year and have done so each election thereafter. Those early years of my voting life I knew, when the liberals were in office I always enjoyed un-interrupted employment and when conservatives came into power it seemed to me the economy tanked and jobs were difficult to find and keep. Some of the presidents I voted for were ok some were not. However, I must state here and now I voted for the present president. I was fooled into thinking politics as usual would be replaced. Indeed I has been but not in a good way. I began to realize this president was either a genius, a clown, or a complete imbecile. Time has proven he is a portion of all three. (my opinion) So for me personally religion and politics are here to help one group of people keep another group of people under their control. I have no sympathy for either. I do not trust either to be any more than a self-centered group of individuals using their position in order to gain and keep control over others.

I suppose the term, “jack of all trades and master of none” would fit me quite well. However I did receive a vocational teaching certificate from Southwest Texas State University, San Marcus, Texas in the early nineties.
At that time I was pastoring a small church, teaching a middle school vocational class and driving a school bus. A bit stressful and a near heart attack, but I certainly enjoyed it. Before that I had always worked in blue collar jobs. After several jobs in many different industries I decided I wanted to be my own boss. I chose home improvements as my self-employed way to support my family. It was a great choice for me. It brought a great personal satisfaction when the project finished and a good amount of income as well.

to be continued

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